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SAI Integrative MD Program

The SAI MD Program has integrated components of medical education from all continents including US, Europe and Asia. Important aspects of the program include the requirement to complete 80 weeks of clinical rotations that culminates in a research thesis.  Further, MD students must complete an internationally recognized exit examination such as the USMLE, PLAB or NEXT as part of their graduation requirements. Due to this approach the SAI MD program is widely considered a globally compliant program.

The SAI School of Medicine is established within the Sint Vincentius Hospital, a 100 year old hospital with an excellent history of patient care.  This setting allows the SAI MD program to expose students to clinical settings throughout the basic sciences. At SAI we believe in treating the patient, not just the disease.  Students at SAI receive a strong foundation in the principals of modern medicine, but learn that there are alternatives that should be considered.

The curriculum for the Faculty of Medicine MD Program consists of two main components: the Basic Sciences Program and the Clinical Sciences Program.

Our curriculum is derived mainly from the American medical education system. The Basic Sciences Program consists of five (5) semesters of 16 weeks each and is taught at the Curaçao campus. The Clinical Sciences Program consists of a total of 80 weeks of clinical rotations.

Pre-Medical Sciences

The first year concerns three semesters of pre-medical sciences.  Details are available on the Pre-medical sciences page.

Basic Sciences

Year 2 and 3 of the MD program is referred to as Basic Sciences. The Basic Sciences comprises of five semesters of 16 weeks:


First Semester (MD-1)

MD-401 Gross Anatomy 12 credits
MD-403 Embryology   4 credits
MD-404 Histology   8 credits


Second Semester (MD-2)

MD-402 Biochemistry   8 credits
MD-407 Genetics    6 credits
MD-409 Physiology  10 credits


Third Semester (MD-3)

MD-406 Microbiology 10 credits
MD-408 Neuroscience 10 credits
MD-423 Epidemiology / Public Health   6 credits
MD-425 Intro to Medical Practice   4 credits
MD-428 Ethics & Jurisprudence   2 credits


Fourth Semester (MD-4)

MD-421 Pharmacology / Therapeutics 10 credits
MD-422 Clinical Pathology I 10 credits
MD-430 Physical Diagnosis 10 credits


Fifth Semester (MD-5)

MD-426 Clinical Pathology II 10 credits
MD-427 Medical Psychology / Psychiatry 10 credits
MD-431 Intro to Clinical Medicine 12 credits


Clinical Medicine

Year 4 and 5 of the MD program is referred to as the Clinical Sciences. The Clinical Sciences Program is a period of 80 weeks of clinical rotations consisting of 52 weeks of core rotations (MD-6 through MD-12) and 28 weeks of elective rotations.  The elective rotations include the writing of a thesis.

This program provides students with a broad overview of medical practice, provides training in basic clinical skills, and introduces students to areas of medical practice in which they may wish to specialize. The program provides training through direct patient contact under close supervision by qualified medical personnel.

This Clinical Sciences Program provides exposure to real-life clinical situations in today’s hospitals and other health care institutions, which permits students to integrate the knowledge, skills, and attitudes learned during the Basic Sciences Program with medical practice.   

The prerequisite for the Clinical Sciences Program is the successful completion of the USMLE Step I exam. Students then enter clinical rotation in various fields. The core rotations are in medicine, surgery, pediatrics, family medicine, obstetrics/gynecology, and psychiatry are the basic areas of medical practice in which all physicians need to be knowledgeable. They are included in the curriculum of every medical school.  There are 48 weeks of required clinical core rotations and 24 weeks of electives.

Core Rotations - 52 weeks

MD-6 Internal Medicine 12 weeks
MD-7 Surgery 12 weeks
MD-8 Pediatrics   6 weeks
MD-9 Family Medicine   6 weeks
MD-10 Obstetrics and Gynecology   6 weeks
MD-11 Psychiatry   6 weeks
MD-12 Neurology   4 weeks


Electives - 28 weeks

The electives are tailored to the student’s preferences and should form the groundwork for a thesis.  In the final elective rotation the student formalizes a thesis and writes a paper on a subject of choice.


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