SAI University receives PG charter

Ir. Manodj Hinduri, Director of RKZ, receives an official copy of the charter from Minister Elias.

Paramaribo 2019 07 28

SAIU is pleased to have received a Charter from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Suriname which will allow the SAI School of Medicine (SAISOM) to establish a medical school at the Sint Vincentius Hospital (also known as ‘RKZ’) in Paramaribo, Suriname. This charter allows SAISOM to administer Post Graduate medical specialization programs at RKZ in collaboration with the specialists of the hospital.

Health Minister shares Health Program for Suriname

Paramaribo 2019 05 08

Minister Elias hands the Suriname Health Plan to John Daryanani of SAI University.

The Minister of Public Health of the Republic of Suriname shared the Health plan for Suriname with SAISOM and the Sint Vincentius Hospital staff during a recent visit. Based on this plan SAISOM will evaluate how it can contribute to improving the public health in Suriname in coming years.

SAISOM and Sint Vincentius Hospital visit the Minister of Public Health Mr. Elias

SAIU evaluates campus expansion

Paramaribo 2019 05 08

Campus wing to be renovated in early 2020

Management teams of the Sint Vincentius Hospital (RKZ) and SAIU met to evaluate the campus renovation and expansion plans to accommodate implementation of the new PG program and the MD program. The renovation will involve 51 dormitory rooms within the hospital grounds, a cafeteria and several classrooms and labs.

J. Daryanani meets with M. Hindori, and other staff members.

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