Sint Vincentius Hospital

At the centennial, on 29 september 1894, 6 religious persons of the Congregation of Sisters of Love from Tilburg, the Netherlands had been deployed to Suriname. They started to work in the health care and education under very difficult circumstances. They founded the St.Vincentius Hospital in 1916, with a capacity of 70 beds.

Initially this Congregation focused on relieving the human suffering in the area of patient health out of charity. Gradually it became more professional and religious persons were trained and deployed to work as nursing staff.

In the 1960’s an in-service training was started for nursing staff . This training facility has been continued until today and helps to meet the needs for nursing staff of the institution.

Current capacity

In 1964, 1976 and in 1978 the hospital was expanded.  The institution currently has a maximum admission capacity of 190 beds.  The staff consists of 650 employees, half of whom in the nursing department.


Sint Vincentius operates nursing departments, including:
(a) Children’s ward with a sub department for neonatology;
(b) Nursing ward with I.C. facilities for five patients;
(c) Operating ward with four operating rooms and recovery ward;
(d) Delivery ward;
(e) Lab;
(f) Radiology department;
(g) Pharmacy;
(h) Separate departments.

SAI School of Medicine

The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Suriname has issued a Medical School Charter to the South American International University (SAI University) to establish a medical school at the Sint Vincentius Ziekenhuis (“RKZ”) in Paramaribo Suriname.  SAI University is thankful to the Department of Public Health of the Republic of Suriname, and to Minister of Public Health Mr. Elias, for believing in ability of SAI University to successfully set up and run a medical school in Paramaribo.

The SAI School of Medicine & Health Sciences (“SAISOM”), will open its doors in 2020 at the Sint Vincentius Ziekenhuis.   The curriculum will be based on the US model of medical education. Students will have to complete a rigorous program which includes taking the United States Medical Licensure Examination (USMLE). Those that successfully complete the program will be awarded the MD degree. While the US model of education applied by SAISOM will make use of the hospital facilities of RKZ, it will also make use of hospital facilities outside of Suriname for its medical students.  The format of the program conducted by SAISOM allows students to complete the clinical part of their education at hospitals in other nations, such as the USA, Canada and the Netherlands.

SAI University is a non-profit foundation that believes in a high standard of education and contributing to society through healthcare education and awareness. SAI University is please to soon be part of the community of Suriname and looks forward to making a positive contribution to health care in Suriname.