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Our Mission

SAI School of Medicine, is dedicated to providing a comprehensive globally recognized medical education and training curriculum that produces caring physicians with a broad range of professional skills and judgments.  We strive to advance knowledge in the health sciences through integrative healthcare education and research.

Our Vision

SAI School of Medicine, was founded on the concept that caring for patients is the cornerstone upon which a student builds his medical career.  With this in mind, every curriculum has a strong foundation in the theory and fundamentals of modern medicine.  It is only after this has been well grasped by our students that we introduce elements of traditional medicine in an innovative and integrative manner allowing our students to comprehend the full spectrum of treatment alternatives available to the patient.

The Vision Starts Here

The team that put together the vision at the SAI School of Medicine have substantial academic experience.


Managing Director

J.K.P. Daryanani

Dr. Sunil Daryanani

Academic Board

Dr. S. Daryanani

G Adoptie


G. Adoptie

Ries van Romwel


R. van Lomwel 

Dr. Parbhoo

Executive Dean

Dr. J.M. Parbhoo 

Dr. SK

Clinical Advisor

Dr. Shivakumar

Next Steps...

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